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The Soil Under Your Pavement is Alive and Well

Which doesn't Bode Well for Your Asphalt.

An asphaltic concrete or asphalt membrane over soil doesn't mean an end to weed problems. In fact, it's only the beginning.

When you pave, moisture is retained by the soil underneath. In addition, the black asphalt surface absorbs a great deal of heat from the sun. If you don't treat the soil beneath the pavement, these two elements create an ideal environment in which dormant plants can grow.

These unsuspected villains can exert a frightening amount of pressure as they grow - up to 1,500 pounds per square inch - which is more than enough pressure to easily heave a large area of pavement before emerging. Even if only small cracks are produced, surface damage will occur sooner or later.

Here, There & Everywhere

Perennial weeds, grasses and brush are found practically everywhere, and chances are living plant parts (rhizomes, roots, seeds) will be in the soil under any paving job. Just moving the soil around doesn't necessarily kill them. Moreover, potentially damaging plant parts may be brought to a location in the base course material. And eventually they'll germinate, grow and cause expensive ruptures.

The problem is even worse on low-traffic or channelized-traffic areas where pavement is practically unused. This allows weeds to grow and develop fully, which only causes more damage and more expense.


Prevent Weed Break-Through Before You Pave

BareSpot® Monobor-Chlorate gets to the root of your weed control problems by preventing costly pavement damage. Monobor-Chlorate is a pelleted, nonselective, residual herbicide that meets the most exacting requirements for controlling weeds and inhibiting plant life under any pavement.

Saving Your Asphalt Saves You Money

By controlling all plant growth, Monobor-Chlorate prevents surface damage, eliminating costly repairs. Furthermore, Monobor-Chlorate is readily adaptable to low-cost application in its pelleted form with simple mechanical spreaders.

Controls Plants on Contact

Monobor-Chlorate is immediately effective. Unlike some synthetic organic herbicides, which only become toxic after being transported to the leaves, Monobor-Chlorate controls on contact. Furthermore, its chemical stability assures it will remain active indefinitely under a sealed surface - a big advantage when you consider other herbicides' toxic action is greatly reduced by bacteria activity induced by high moisture and temperature conditions.

Monobor-Chlorate is highly soluble in water and easily dissolved. Since weeds can only be killed by absorbing the herbicide in the moisture about them, Monobor-Chlorate offers a plus because it is readily incorporated in the soil from existing moisture and requires relatively little supplementary water. If applied before compaction, Monobor-Chlorate will be further forced into the soil by any watering.

Easy to Apply

One quick, easy application of BareSpot Monobor-Chlorate before you pave is all you need to prevent weed break-through.

Monobor-Chlorate pellets can be applied directly from the bag with any spreader suitable for granular fertilizers. Apply 2 - 4 pounds per 100 sq. ft. to the finished subgrade. After treatment, apply at least 2 gallons of water per 100 sq. ft. to dissolve and incorporate the herbicide into the soil.

CAUTION: Do not apply near root zones of desirable plants.

Always read and follow label directions.

Safe to Use

Thoroughly researched and field tested, Monobor-Chlorate is extremely safe to both the public and contractors' workmen either during or following application. With Monobor-Chlorate, there is no danger of enhanced corrosion to underground conduits, application equipment or the asphaltic surface.

2 Active Ingredients

BareSpot Monobor-Chlorate uses two active ingredients - Sodium Chlorate and Sodium Metaborate - to provide you with exceptional control of unwanted vegetation.

Sodium Chlorate provides quick knockdown of many weeds. It is a white, crystalline salt that looks like common table salt (Sodium Chloride). Weight for weight, however, Sodium Chlorate is 30 - 50 times more toxic to plants than Sodium Chloride.

Sodium Metaborate imparts residual weed control activity. Furthermore, Sodium Metaborate - also a white, crystalline salt - acts as a fire retardant. It is also toxic to soil microorganisms, extending the residual activity of the product.

The BareSpot Advantage

The advantages of BareSpot Monobor-Chlorate are many:

  • Dependable.
  • Economical.
  • Nonselective.
  • Contact plus soil residual. BareSpot Monobor-Chlorate works on contact and provides a residual barrier in the soil.
  • Safe-to-use. BareSpot Monobor-Chlorate has a low mammalian toxicity.
  • No drift. Pellets eliminate danger of drift to desirable vegetation.
  • Quick knockdown.
  • Full-season control.
  • Root prune.
  • Apply any time (follow by rain or irrigation).
  • Easy to apply. Because the application rate is visible, the easy-to-see pellets eliminate skips and misses so there is no guesswork involved.

BareSpot Monobor-Chlorate prevents weed break-through quickly, safely and economically.

So get to the root of your weed control problems before you pave with BareSpot Monobor-Chlorate


Technical Information


Active Ingredients
Sodium Chlorate (NaCIO3). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30.0%
Sodium Metaborate (Na2B2O4•4H2O). . . . . . 48.5%
Inert Ingredients. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21.5%


  • Appearance: A white, odorless, pellet, free flowing, nonvolatile material.
  • Bulk Density, Loose Pack: 58 lbs./ft3
  • Mammalian Toxicity: Acute oral LD50 dosage to rats is 6,810 mg/kg body weight. Acute dermal LD50 to rabbits is 20,000 mg/kg body weight.
  • Equipment Cleaning: After application, wash equipment thoroughly with clean water.
  • Handling Precautions: Corrosive to eyes. Causes irreversible eye damage. Wear goggles, face mask, or safety glasses with side shields. Due to corrosive nature, may be harmful or fatal if swallowed. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, or clothing. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling. Remove and wash contaminated clothing before reuse. Avoid breathing dust or spray mist.
  • Packaging: Monobor-Chlorate is packaged in 50 lb. & 20 lb. bags.
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place on pallets or skids. Avoid direct floor contact, moisture, acids and all oxidizable materials. Monobor-Chlorate is specially formulated to minimize fire and explosion hazard.


Always read and follow label instructions.
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